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Successfully manufactured macerator for our Hospital Disposable Solution System (HDSS) project......
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Ocean Triangle Sdn Bhd (OTSB) is an established company founded in 2000. It's specialized in marketing, calibration and maintenance of laboratory equipments and parts. To meet and ensure customers satisfaction and quality standard, a computerized asset management and preventive system was implemented to keep track of all customer's equipments maintenance and service history. With this system, we anticipate to detailed documentation that not only satisfies the numerous regulatory agencies but also assists in curtailing the expenses of purchasing new equipment. Proper documentation in conjunction with a high quality program of periodic maintenance, electrical safety and performance testing will help in protecting your facility from costly repairs, unnecessary investigations and possible litigation due to poor or neglected maintenance of your equipment.

Recently, OTSB has expanded into healthcare products catering for private, government clinics and hospitals and medical suppliers. Products like ECG electrodes, ECG recording chart papers, Medical cables and Sp02 sensors, Video printer papers, Thermal papers, Thermometer sleeves etc.